Deconsecration of Priesthood

Unfortunately, we have had to dissolute temple membership and deconsecrate a (now former) priest.

The decision to dissolve ile membership is not only challenging, but heartbreaking. Osun’s Golden Harvest Temple and Balewa family are responsible for one another’s wellbeing, and there are times when a persons actions and response to intervention are detrimental.

The document linked below is the official decree of dissolution and dismissal of Babalorisa Obatala Tade Ominiyi Balewa from Osun’s Golden Harvest Temple.

Mistakes and misbehavior are an opportunity for spiritual growth and wisdom for the individual and community as a whole.

Group Text Threads

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Iwa Pele & Good Character

If you are initiating or involved in a public conversation such as on social media, or a group text that involves Osun’s Golden Harvest Temple, it is imperative that you display iwa pele, or good character. We welcome everyone into our community, regardless of education, income level, social standing or lifestyle, but ultimately, the reputation of the temple is synonymous with my personal reputation.

When broadcasting your words or voice regarding Osun’s Golden Harvest Temple, remember that you are representing a spiritual community. Take a breath and think before making or reacting to a statement. Certainly refrain from the use of profanities.

Intensely & Sincerely,

–Iyanifa Osun Monife

This weekend, in Oyotunji the African Village

lt is with great pride, joy and humility that i share with my face book friends this news. This weekend, in Oyotunji the African Village, in South Carolina, I will be crowned as a Queen. Also. the 21 day fast will begin on Monday October 4 at 7am. those of you who have never fasted before can reach out to me , or any of my godchildren for instructions. .. may the blessings of the Orisa be with you. Much Love; Queen Monife

Cleansing Bath

All Oshun golden harvest temple members. Bring a gallon jug to the temple before Saturday to receive a clearing bath.I’m not charging for this bath as I want everyone to have one. Orisa say we all need clearing and cleansing Baths Before the ceremony this weekend.

COVID Vaccine

Alafiai greet you with peace and love. i got my covid shot yesterday. for months, my godchldrenand clients had urged me to question the Orisa as to whether or not they should get the shot. the answer was always to “be sure to get the right one”. at that point, how the heck to know what was the right one? when it came out, then the answer was get the Johnson & Johnson. problem was and still is, finding it. it got to Pensacola yesterday. i got the shot. no pain; no side effects, i feel the same as always and i urge you if you have not gotten the shot, get the Johnson & Johnson now.

Thanksgiving 2020

orisha painting

I received this message this morning from the spirit guides. To have a safe and happy gathering for Thanksgiving. Gather around the table no one sitting. Everyone wearing mask. Speak your Thanksgiving thankfulness prayers   Take your plate walk around the table to gather the food and then go sit down somewhere away from each other to eat. Put the mask back on to go Dispose of plateAnd keep the mask on for the rest of your visit. Be safe and be happy and give thanks. – Iya Monife