Nationwide Prayer

babalu aye gathering

Iya Osun Monife is requesting a nationwide prayer starting tomorrow Easter Sunday at 1 o’clock eastern time 12 o’clock central 11 o’clock mountain and 10 o’clock Pacific. Praying for an end to the deaths from coronavirus. Safety and protection for the caregivers. Healing for those who are now sickThe Doctors and scientist to find a cure And safety And protection for ourselves and our families.

pertaining to the coronavirus

babalu aye gathering

Hotline message pertaining to the coronavirus. Important to boost your immune system.  Take two 1000 mg vitamin C daily. One in the morning one In the evening not on an empty stomach. Stay away from cold beverages and food. Drink hot tea coffee soups etc. spray the house with Lysol disinfectant. Spray your hands as well. Stay well. No kissing no hugging no visiting.

Babalu Ritual and Sunday Service Cancelled

babalu aye gathering

We will not be performing Babalu Aye cleansing rituals today, nor holding service this Sunday. More news to come.

Babalu Aye Cleansing Ritual

  • Combine as many varied grains and beans as you can in a bowl (ideally 17, Babalu’s number).
  • Take two fist fulls of bean/grain mixture and move all around the body, from head to toe, ritually cleansing the body and spirit.
  • Take two eggs and hold them over the eyes.
  • Grains/beans and eggs absorb the illness
  • Leave grain/beans and eggs out in the woods